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Going Gluten Free in Sutton Harbour and the Barbican

18th November 2015

It is a great relief to anyone that suffers from gluten intolerances, or Coeliac Disease, that more and more restaurants, shops and cafes now state when their products are ‘gluten-free’. Especially on Sutton Harbour and the Barbican.

But one-size doesn’t fit all. A wheat allergy is a reaction to proteins and symptoms are triggered by the immune system within seconds or minutes of eating. Non coeliac gluten sensitivity is when symptoms similar to coeliac disease are experienced, but with no damage to the lining of the gut. Coeliac disease however is a well defined, serious illness where the body’s immune system attacks itself when gluten is eaten, causing damage to the lining of the gut and therefore disrupting or stopping the body’sability to properly absorb nutrients from food. Left untreated, coeliac disease can lead to infertility, osteoporosis and bowel cancer.

Currently the support network Coeliac UK has around 1200 new members joining each month. Experts say they believe the increase is due to better diagnosis, rather than more people developing the condition – and a rise in diagnosis also means a rise in awareness.

This week is Food Allergy and Intolerance Week and so we are using the opportunity to highlight some of the excellent restaurants, shops and cafes around Sutton Harbour and the Barbican where gluten-free food can be bought. We are also sharing a number of facts across our social media pages – please share them too and contribute to our list if you think we have missed something out.

The Barbican Galley

The Galley is a small friendly Gluten Free Restaurant run by someone who is a coeliac herself. The restaurant caters primarily for a gluten free diet.. as well as other dietary needs or preferences. With their personal experience they know how eating gluten or being contaminated by gluten can affect people; everyone is able to enjoy an amazing freshly cooked meal without any worries or doubts. The Galley Restaurant is situated inside The Maritime Inn Pub. Their website also has further information about living with gluten intolerance:

Rockfish Sutton Harbour

Rockfish (Sutton Harbour) recognised the need to be able to serve genuine gluten free fish and chips that are suitable for Coeliacs. So when Rockfish was designed and built there were special kitchens and isolated pans installed which are used solely for gluten free cooking. The gluten free batter is light and crisp which means you can enjoy great seafood even if you have a gluten intolerance.

The Stable, Sutton Harbour

Non-Gluten Ingredients (NGI) are available for all pizzas from the main menu. Their special pizza dough is specially made on site so they recommend that anyone that needs a Gluten-free pizza gives them a call beforehand – but it isn’t essential.

The great news is, that they are known for their tasty offering of over 80 varieties of cider which you can taste in a special rack of tasting glasses – and cider is gluten free!

Flower Cafe

If you would like to pop out for cream tea then the Flower Cafe on Plymouth’s Barbican serves delicious gluten-free scones, sourced locally. It’s only £5.99 for 2 scones, strawberry jam, roddas clotted cream and tea.

Glassblowing House, Sutton Harbour

Mouth watering menu’s entice people to this restaurant and there’s a whole menu for anyone looking for gluten-free food. They bake their bread every morning and every dessert is made in-house. They buy local, from boats to farmers to producers. Have a look at their Gluten Free Menu >


Quay 33 Cafe and Restaurant located on Plymouth Barbican with views over Sutton Harbour, just the place to kick back and relax with good local homemade fresh food cooked by Chef Dave Morgan. The menu is marked clearly with all options that a gluten-free – these include ‘Dave’s Chunky Beef Steak Chilli’ and ‘Penne Pasta with Goats Cheese’.

For more see >

Dolphin House Brazzerie

One look on Trip Advisor will see how successful the gluten free options at this Sutton Harbour restaurant has been. Despite no specific gluten free menu items being on offer on the menu they use whole food and prepare make and cook everything in our kitchens, fresh to order, so are able and very willing to adapt menu dishes to individual needs and can offer a good range of choice across the menus.

The Wetherspoons pub Gog and Magog

This inexpensive, expansive pub is a comfortable environment for value food and drink. Gluten Free items are clearly marked on the menus and if you go online, their website has a special filter service so that you can choose which ingredients – such as gluten – that you wish to eliminate. It’ll then show all the food available to you >

Gluten Free by the Sea

Kevin Gollop is from Plymouth and in 2011 was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. He set up the Gluten Free by the Sea blog to try and help people who have to lead a gluten free life style by blogging about his own experiences and reviewing and identifying great places to eat and shop for anyone looking to lead a gluten-free lifestyle. He has been kind enough to help us with this blog. You can also follow him on social media.

If you think you have further content to add to this blog, please let us know and we will include it. You can also share any content with us on our social media pages.