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Visiting Plymouth on a budget

9th March 2016

Mervyn Willcocks is the owner of Days Out Southwest. When looking for things to do, places to stay, attractions to visit, and places to eat and drink, all in the Southwest, Days Out Southwest provides you with everything you need to know.

In this article, Mervyn provides a firsthand account of visiting Plymouth on a budget –what he enjoys doing when money is limited.

As someone who has spent a lot of time in Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City, there’s a whole list of things that I could suggest for you to do when looking for fun days out and activities. Sitting on the coast of England, it’s a beautiful and ancient city that has a fascinating history, an appealing maritime heritage, and plenty of family attractions to enjoy in the present.

I’ve visited Plymouth with a lot of money to spend and I’ve visited when I have only a little. Having a budget doesn’t mean that you still can’t enjoy everything that Plymouth has to offer. I’ve certainly had many enjoyable visits to the city whilst keeping within a strict budget. I just had to plan what I wanted to do in advance and not stray too far away from my itinerary.

For those visiting Plymouth with not a lot of expendable cash in their pockets, here are some of my favourite things to within this beautiful coastal city, as well as ideas on cheap but cheerful accommodation.

Take a Stroll through Sutton Harbour and the Barbican

This historic quarter of Plymouth, Sutton Harbour and the Barbican, is probably one of my favourite places to visit when I’m in Plymouth. There is so much fascinating history here, the narrow cobblestoned streets are brimming with character and secrets of their past. It’s one of the oldest parts of the city, but is now full of things to see and do.

I love getting a portion of fish and chips and sitting by the water’s edge, watching the boats go in and out of the harbour through the lock gates. There are plenty of tea shops, restaurants and cafes for those who prefer to sit somewhere warmer.

Visit The UK’s Largest Aquarium

The people in Plymouth are incredibly proud to be host to the biggest aquarium in the whole of the UK, The National Marine Aquarium –and it definitely lives up to the hype. I’ve visited here a handful of times now and it never disappoints. Sitting on the edge of Sutton Harbour, there is plenty to see and do –you can spend the whole day here without getting bored.

Of course, it’s all good and well finding activities that aren’t too expensive but what about places to stay? I’ve personally stayed in some amazing places in Plymouth, but I’ve also stayed in places that I definitely wouldn’t rush to write home about. I believe that it’s all about finding the right balance between affordable and comfortable.

The Premier Inn in the city centre is a budget hotel that is warm, clean and is run by a team of friendly staff. The rooms are immaculately cleaned –it’s perfect for those who aren’t staying in the city for a long time.

There is also a PremierInn in SuttonHarbourthat is also very reasonable –and only a short walk over the harbour footbridge to the Barbican. The customer service is excellent –nothing is too much trouble for the staff who work there.

Finally, I would recommend a stay at the Jurys Inn. For a hotel that is considered to be budget, it’s got really big rooms and is in a brilliant location –again located by Sutton Harbour. Whilst basic, it’s clean and the staff are very friendly.

As you can see, you don’t need lots of money to enjoy a trip to this beautiful city. Go with an open mind and enjoy everything that you do manage to fit in.